We Are Culture Crafters

We Are Culture Crafters

  • Probiotics 101

  • By Jef L’Ecuyer, Registered Dietitian
    We’re not shy about the fact that we’re different. We’ve put a lot of work into our probiotics so that they work. There are no shortcuts, no hacks or cheats for developing a skill. It takes work, and it takes dedication, but if we’re honest, we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

    After twenty plus years obsessively learning about, researching and ensuring the viability of our three unique probiotic strains, we’ve become known as Culture Crafters; dedicated people who have skillfully designed a probiotic that works for you.

    But, as we’re sure a lot of you know, there are many companies out there that claim to ‘know probiotics’ so what does “Culture Crafters” mean and how does it set us apart from your average probiotic?

    So, What Is A Culture Crafter?
    At Bio-K+ we don’t just make probiotics, we craft them. Everything we do is to ensure our three bacteria strains are growing and thriving.

    But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk strains.

    A probiotic strain is what determines the bacteria’s unique properties and potential to support human health. When it comes to probiotics, there are lots of talk about strains, like how many your probiotic should have, which ones are better, and what the CFU should be.

    But, for all the talk about strains, there is one big thing that often gets missed: how the various strains act together.

    Bio-K+ uses three unique strains you won’t find anywhere else. Our formula is patented and clinically proven. The strains we’ve used for more than two decades were chosen for their efficacy and ability to collaborate and grow together, so they work harder for your health.

    Crafting A Probiotic Takes Skill
    Knowing your probiotics strains will work together and survive the journey through your digestive tract involves developing a research-intensive design process.

    We approach it like this:

    Introduce our three unique bacterial strains to one another, so they learn and grow together versus competing with each other.
    Once ready, we add our bacteria to our liquid substrate while they are live and active.
    We allow our live and active bacteria to multiply and ferment right inside the bottle.
    We stop the fermentation process right at the sweet spot where we know our probiotic bacteria are strong, healthy, and ready to work for you.
    For our capsules, we do things just slightly different. The bacteria are fermented together to allow them to multiply, then we freeze dry them putting them in a dormant state, so we can encapsulate them and allow them to survive the journey through your digestive tract.

    But There Are Lots of Probiotics on The Market. What Makes Bio-K+ Unique?
    As Canada’s number one most pharmacist-recommended probiotic, we owe our success to dedicated researchers and scientists who have worked tirelessly to create a healthy and nutritious product with amazing results for improving the health of the microbiome; a product that is now amongst the most coveted in patient-centric microbiome solutions.

    In every bottle (and capsule) of Bio-K+ you’ll find:

    Collaborative Strains
    Trained to thrive inside
    Science & craftsmanship

    We know that with so many probiotics on the market, choosing one can feel overwhelming. We’re honoured you’ve stuck with us and let us share with you more about who we are and what makes us unique in the market.

    If you have more questions on Bio-K+, digestive health or the microbiome, comment below, contact us or find us on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you’re looking to stock up on Bio-K+ (or try it for the first time!) head to a store and ask for the “Little White Bottle.”

    Best Sellers


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    Gluten-free, organic and non-GMO probiotics with a minimum of 50 billion live & active beneficial bacteria per bottle.

    Peach & Turmeric

    Extra Drinkable Probiotic

    80 billion live & active bacteria per bottle, with additional functional benefits

    Daily Care+ 50 Billion

    Vegan Probiotic Capsules

    Certified gluten-free and vegan probiotics. A great option for those who need daily support or a need a stronger alternative for better benefits.

    Jef L’Ecuyer Registered Dietitian
    About the author
    After her nutrition training at McGill University, Jef specialized in gastrointestinal health with a special interest in the microbiota and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. With Bio-K+, she continues on this path by making the world of probiotics more accessible to all.
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