Where can I find Bio-K+ products?

Our products are available in grocery stores, health food stores and drugstores.

We have established a new partnership for a suitable and rapid solution to help you obtain products that measure up to the quality we promise. We invite you to visit our website and browse for our enhanced store locator page.

You can also try the home delivery experience with Instacart, the world's largest online grocery service!

You can always get in touch with Bio-K+ Team if you need help finding a product in store, we are always happy to help! "

What criteria are used to determine a probiotic’s effectiveness?

Here are some useful tips on how to identify an effective probiotic:1. Identifiable high quality strains: On all Bio-K+ product, you will find the strains used in the product clearly identified on the packaging. For our Original and PRO lines, we have a patented formula which contains 3 strains: L. casei LBC80R®, L. acidophilus CL1285® and L. rhamnosus CLR2®.2. Synergy between the strains: Bio-K+ Original and PRO lines contain our 3 patented strains that ferment together and have a great synergy.3. Guaranteed bioactivity: The bacterial count of the Bio-K+ Original line products is guaranteed until the expiration date.4. Gastrointestinal survival: Bio-K + PRO Line capsules have an enteric coating that protects the bacteria from stomach acid. Our Original Line have a targeted release technology to protect them. The bacteria in our fermented drinkable probiotic is protected from stomach acid by its environment that is rich in nutrients as well as its capacity to survive in an acidic environment.5. Clinical studies on the finished product: Efficacy and safety have been demonstrated by several published clinical studies for our products."

How often should we take probiotics?

Several lifestyle factors may disrupt and weaken your intestinal flora. However, regularly consuming a quality probiotic product may help in this regard. Moreover, beneficial bacteria may help digestion by secreting enzymes.

You can take our capsules and even our drinkable probiotics on a regular basis to support your gut microbiome. You can also take it a few times a year when you need it the most!

When should I take Bio-K+ products?

You can take Bio-K+ products at any time of day, either with or without food. We encourage you to find your own rythm when taking Bio-K+ products.

PS: Don't mix your probiotic with warm food and do not cook it. The bacteria are sensitive to temperature.

Is it possible to take in too many probiotic bacteria?

Know that you cannot take too much Bio-K+. The intestinal transit will eliminate any excess that is not necessary.

The benefits of Bio-K+ will take place in the intestine to regulate bowel function but also in the immune system since 80% of our immune response depends on our intestines. A large number of good bacteria (billions) contained in a product is key (but not the only one) to obtain a positive and significant impact on health.

Is it possible to take probiotics with other medications?

If you are concerned about taking Bio-K+ with your medications, you should check with your healthcare provider.

When I begin using Bio-K+ products, is it normal to notice a change in my gastrointestinal activity?

It is normal to notice changes in intestinal activity when starting the intake of a probiotic. This is a temporary situation, it takes time for your system to adapt to probiotics since they are living bacteria.
Listen to your body, some people are more sensitive than others. If this is the case, start the intake of Bio-K+ more gradually. If you choose the drinkable probiotic, you can easily drink a whole bottle per day. You can also start more gradually if you are just starting using probiotics and increase intake to target your needs. As an example you could start with a ¼ of a bottle a day to support your intestinal flora and gradually increase to the usage that suits your needs. If you are using Bio-K+ Probiotic Capsules, start with our Daily Care 12.5B, progress with the Daily Care+ 25B and maximize with Extra Care 30B.

Are Bio-K+ products vegan?

The full range of Bio-K+ capsules is vegan.

Here is the full range of drinkable vegan probiotics:

-Bio-K+ fermented soy - mango

-Bio-K+ fermented rice - blueberry

-Bio-K+ fermented pea - raspberry

-Bio-K+ drinkable vegan probiotic - peach and turmeric with Cereboost

-Bio-K+ drinkable vegan probiotic - elderberry with Wellmune

Are your products free from allergens?

All Bio-K+ products are naturally free from the following allergens: gluten, wheat, corn, potato starch, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, fish, crustaceans, wheat, mustard, sulfites, celery, gluten and lupin. Our products are also tested to certify that they do not contain GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, sulfites, pesticides, MSG and heavy metals residues, but cannot be guaranteed.

Are Bio-K+ products GMO free?

As you probably know, Bio-K+ standards are extremely high. A variety of tests are performed before releasing a product in the market to ensure its quality.
All Bio-K + drinkable probitoics and capsules from the Original, Extra and Pro line are non-GMO.

The following products are verified and certified by the third party “NON-GMO Project”:

Original Line, drinkable probiotics:
mango, fermented soy
blueberry, fermented rice
raspberry, fermented pea

Extra Line:
elderberry with Wellmune, fermented oats and pumpkin seeds
peach and turmeric with Cereboost, fermented oats and pumpkin seeds

Can I take Bio-K+ products if I suffer from a lactose intolerance or allergic to dairy?

Absolutely! If you are looking for a non-dairy alternative to suit your dietary needs here are your options:

Original line - Vegan drinkables:
- Bio-K+ raspberry, fermented pea
- Bio-K+ blueberry, fermented rice
- Bio-K+ mango, fermented soy

Extra line - Vegan drinkables:
-Bio-K+ fermented oat and pumpkin seeds, elderberry with Wellmune
-Bio-K+ fermented oat and pumpkin seeds, peach and turmeric with Cereboost

All of Bio-K+ capsules are vegan, 100% dairy-free.

What is the best way to store Bio-K+ products?

The new Original line is produced using modern technology and packaging that ensures the survivability of the live bacteria. The potency of Bio-K+ Capsules is guaranteed until the expiration date and required no refrigeration. These capsules have optimized stability due to the desiccant sachet contained in each bottle. They keep the product dry and stable and assure capsules have their full potency until the expiry date. We recommend keeping the desiccant sachet in the bottle!

Bio-K+ PRO Line capsules’ bacterial count is guaranteed until the expiration date if the product is refrigerated.

Bio-K+ drinkable fermented products of the Original Line and the Extra Line' bacterial count are guaranteed until the expiration date if the product is refrigerated. They can be kept out of the fridge for a maximum of 24 hours. The product will still be edible and effective; however, we cannot guarantee the number of bacteria until the expiration date and the taste will be more acid and the texture lumpier.

Can I freeze Bio-K+ products?

Bio-K + capsules can be frozen with no issue, and that until the expiration date. The bacteria are in a dormant state in the capsule, they will activate once the enteric coating dissolved in your gut.

For the fermented drinkable products, we strongly advise against freezing them. The freezing process will significantly affect the bacterial viability as well as the taste and texture of the product. In order to ensure optimal bioactivity, we recommend you store fermented products in the refrigerator. This way, you will be sure to consume fermented drinkable, high-quality probiotics.

Can I consume Bio-K+ products after their expiration/best before date?

The bacterial count is guaranteed until the expiration date stated on the packaging. Once the date has passed, the amount of bacteria will decrease and we can no longer insure the quality and effectiveness of the products. For our fermented drinkable probiotics, the taste and texture will change; the product will be more acidic (due to the production of lactic acid by our bacteria) and lumpier.

What are the different bacterial strengths offered in your fermented drinkable products?

We offer two different fermented drinkables lines. Our Original line contains 50 billion bacteria whereas the Extra Line contains 80 billion bacteria.

What are the different bacterial strengths offered in your Bio-K+ capsule products?

Our Daily care capsule have 12.5 billion bacteria,Daily Care + have 25B bacteria and the Extra Care have 30 billion bacteria.

If I take capsules, what is the equivalence in the fermented drinkables?

Know that our drinkable products are an ideal alternative to capsules. They are all equally effective and they contain our unique and
exclusive probiotic strains. Simply adapt the dosage to your needs . (¼ jar = 12.5 billion; ½ jar = 25 billion, 1 jar = 50 billion CFU).

Is drinkable Bio-K+ the same as yogurt?

The answer to that is no.

Yes, both drinkable Bio-K+ and yogurt undergo a fermentation process. Yes, both drinkable Bio-K+ and yogurt have a mildly tart taste, and yes, both can be a great way to start your day (or make an appearance in your morning smoothie), but that is about where the similarities end. What’s unique about Bio-K+ is that for over 20 years, we have been perfecting the art of fermentation. So not only are you getting 50 billion CFU in each bottle (that’s the equivalent to eating 50 yogurts!) you can consume it in a delicious, drinkable dairy or non-dairy format.

What causes the color of Bio-K+ capsules to occasionally undergo slight changes?

“The probiotic material in our powders and capsules is usually white or off-white. Occasionally, the color of our probiotic capsules may change, and in some cases, the powder may take on an orange hue, due to interactions of the ingredients used to make them. These variations are considered normal occurences and may arise from different ingredients and storage conditions for each product. These color differences do not indicate that the probiotic is spoiled or that their efficacy has been diminished. As BioK+, we guarantee the highest quality. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure the viability and the potency of the probiotic capsules throughout their shelf-life. We do the work for you so you can take care of your health at ease.”


Can I take Bio-K+ if I am immunocompromised?

You should always consult you physician if you are taking medications or have an underlying medical condition before taking a supplement.

Is there anyone who should not use Bio-K+ probiotics?

You should always consult you physician if you are taking medications or have an underlying medical condition before taking a supplement.

Original Line

What is the recommended adult Serving for Bio-K+ products?

For the Original Line drinkables we suggest:

-Starting gradually with 1/4 bottle of fermented drinkable probiotic

-Progressing with 1/2 bottle of fermented drinkable probiotic

-Maximizing your intake of good bacteria with a whole bottle of fermented drinkable probiotic.

For the Extra Line drinkables, if you are a regular probiotic user, we suggest taking 1 bottle daily to get the maximum benefit.

Can I store Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products at room temperature?

Bio-K+ drinkable fermented products of the Original Line and the Extra Line' bacterial count are guaranteed until the expiration date if the product is refrigerated.They can be kept out of the fridge for a maximum of 24 hours. The product will still be edible and effective, however we cannot guarantee the amount of bacteria until the expiration date and the taste will be more acid and the texture more lumpy.

Once I open the fermented drinkables, how long are they good for?

Once opened, fermented drinkable bottles can be kept for about 5 to 7 days as long as they are well closed and refrigerated.

Is it normal that Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products have a particularly tart taste that become more pronounced over time?

Yes. Since the fermentation of the product takes place inside the Bio-K+ bottle itself, lactic acid is produced, which is what makes the products slightly acidic. However, it is important to note that a more acidic taste does not indicate product deterioration. Acidity is an integral part of the specifications of our fermented drinkables. This can lead to variations in texture and taste from one batch to another and even from one bottle to another. Taste may vary depending on the ongoing fermentation that occurs daily in each bottle. However, the texture and taste of the product are not indicators of the quality or quantity of bacteria in our drinkables. It should be kept in mind that our products are made primarily for their effectiveness and health benefits. When consuming Bio-K+ fermented drink products, you are consuming a 100% probiotic drink.

Is it normal that the texture of Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products changes over time?

Yes, it is normal that the texture of Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products changes over time. Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products are not only fermented foods, but also continue fermenting right in the bottle you buy. This process enables both bacteria and metabolites (such as lactic acid) to multiply. Since the fermentation process evolves over time, the product is in a state of flux. Therefore, the texture may vary from one batch to the next, or even one bottle to the next in the same batch. In most cases, when the product is adequately shaken, as advised on the bottle and inner seal (“SHAKE WELL”), its texture becomes creamier. Bear in mind that your product will contain the same unique, patented formula of at least 50 billion bacteria until its best before date.

You can also mix the product with food, but should avoid doing so with any warm or hot food, as heat is a known enemy of probiotic bacteria.

Can I consume Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products after their best before date?

You may do so at your discretion. We guarantee the bacterial count until the best before date. After this date, it decreases gradually, thereby reducing the product’s effectiveness. Moreover, its taste and texture will change, the product will become more acidic (due to lactic acid) and the texture more clumpy. At this point, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to use a product whose “best before” date has passed.

Is it normal for some drinkable probiotics to have a more liquid texture than others?

Yes, drinkable probiotics in blueberry flavor, raspberry flavor and even those in the Extra line have different protein bases, namely rice, pea, oat and pumpkin seed proteins. The fermentation process with these proteins results in a more liquid texture than milk- or soy-based drinkable probiotics. All these products offer you the same effectiveness.

Is it normal that Bio-K+ mango has a thicker texture than other drinkable products of the Original Line?

It is normal that the Bio-K + drinkable mango fermented soy is less liquid than products made from milk and fermented rice (original, strawberry, vanilla or blueberry). These are not the same raw materials used for fermentation.

Is it normal that the Original-unsweetened has a thicker texture?

Yes! This product does not contain added sugar and the fermentation of milk can cause this lumpy texture.

Extra Line

What is the recommended adult Serving for Extra products?

We suggest adults consume 1 bottle per day to get the full benefits from the added ingredients. You can also start more gradually if you are just starting using probiotics, as each bottle contains a considerable number of good bacteria! A bottle can be stored for up to 7 days in the refrigerator once opened, provided it is tightly closed.

It is normal that the Extra products have a liquid texture?

Our Extra products are made of fermented oats and pumpkin seeds. It does indeed have a more watery texture than other Bio-K+ fermented drinkable products. Oats and pumpkin seeds produces a much thinner texture than dairy for instance.


What is the recommended Serving for children?

Theoretically, the intestinal flora of a 2-year-old child is the same as the one of an adult. What better way to improve your child’s intestinal flora health than to give them the Bio-Kidz! This delicious probiotic beverage is available in a convenient 6 bottles format and can be consumed on a daily basis, starting from the age of 2. Made from 100% probiotic, the Bio-Kidz have kept the same unique, natural, effective and clinically proven formula as the regular Bio K+ products. The Bio-Kidz are distinguished by the fact that it is adapted for your small ones. Available in one flavour loved by children, strawberry, the Bio-Kidz contains 12.5B bacteria per bottle.

Can I give capsules to my child?

Capsules are suitable for individuals aged 6 and up, but they have to be able to swallow the capsule.

Probiotics Capsules

What is the recommended adult dosage for Bio-K+ products?

For the Original Line drinkables and capsules, we suggest:

-Starting gradually with Daily Care (12.5B bacteria)

-Progressing with Daily Care + (25B bacteria)

-Maximizing your intake of good bacteria with Extra Care (30B bacteria)

Can I open Bio-K+ capsules?

We recommend that you do not open Bio-K+ capsules. All capsules feature targeted release technology to protect the probiotic bacteria and ensure they are only deployed after reaching the intestinal tract. Opening the capsule eliminates this protection and we cannot guarantee that bacteria will make it to the intestinal tract alive.

IBS & AntioPro Probiotic Capsules

What is the recommended adult dosage when I take antibiotics? *suggestion

Supported by clinical studies, Bio-K+ helps reduce the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

Recommended usage in case of an antibiotic treatment:
Take 1-2 capsules of the Antibio Pro capsules per day during antibiotic treatment and for the following 5 days. Don't forget to take the capsules at least 2-3 hours after taking the antibiotic. After that, we suggest you take 25 billion (Daily Care + capsules) to support your intestinal flora health, if necessary

What is the recommended adult dosage for IBS-D?

Supported by clinical studies, Bio-K+ helps reduce the risk of C. difficile associated diarrhea and helps improve the quality of life of people suffereing from IBS with diarrhea predominance (IBS-D).For IBS-D, take 2 capsules of the Bio-K+ IBS Pro everyday at breakfast.

What is the recommended adult dosage for IBS-C?

For IBS-C (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation), it is preferable to start with a gradual intake of probiotics. Start with ¼ bottle of our drinkable probiotic or 1 Daily Care capsule (12.5 billion) from our Original line. If necessary, increase the intake until stool frequency and consistency is satisfactory.

Product Differentiation

What is the difference between the Extra and Original Line?

The Extra drinkable probiotics use the same patented probiotic blend of L. casei LBC80R®, L. acidophilus CL1285® and L. rhamnosus CLR2®. You are therefore guaranteed to obtain the same efficiency and quality.

By opting for the Extra Line you get more probiotic bacteria than in the Original range (80 billion comparatively to 50 billion) and you benefit from active ingredients clinically proven for their health effects such as Wellmune®, Cereboost®.

What is the difference between AntibioPRO and IBS PRO?

The Bio-K+ IBS Pro product format is designed for diarrhea-predominant IBS. This product contains 30 capsules unlike the Bio-K+ 50B AntioPro which contains 15 capsules. Indeed the suggested consumption in the case of diarrhea-predominant IBS is 2 capsules daily. Bio-K+ IBS Pro should be taken on a daily and long-term basis and not sporadically. The 50B (AntibioPro) capsules are better suited for a specific need over a short period of time such as an antibiotic treatment.

What is the difference between Bio-K+ capsules and Bio-K+ fermented drinkables?

Know that probiotics in capsules and drinkable probiotics are just as effective and contain the same exclusive probiotic formula!

Some prefer probiotics in capsules for their convenience of use (e.g. travel), others prefer drinkable probiotics for their taste, their supply of nutrients and fermentation metabolites as well as for the speed of action of the probiotic bacteria which act from the moment it is in contact with the mouth and throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

The bacteria in the capsules and in the drinkable products reach the gut without problem!

Nothing better than trying them out to see what you like best!

Other questions

Do you offer samples?

Providing samples remains complex since we want to offer our customers an irreproachable quality of our probiotics. As you probably know, sending samples by mail does not allow us to offer this quality standard for all our products, some of which must remain refrigerated.

Are Bio-K+ products available worldwide?

For the moment, we are currently authorized to sell our products in the United states and in Canada only.

We are actively looking for the best way to make the product available worldwide.

What is the Bio-K+ Gut Kommunity?

Gut Kommunity is here to keep your gut in check and stay healthy all year round! Make us part of your daily wellbeing routine by integrating Bio-K+ premium probiotics into your healthy habits. We promise to keep you up to date with exclusive wellness content and the special perks you deserve.

How do I join the Bio-K+ Gut Kommunity?

You can join our Gut Kommunity by clicking the link here!