BiomePRO 100B Liquid Probiotic
BiomePRO 100B Liquid Probiotic
BiomePRO 100B Liquid Probiotic

BiomePRO 100B Liquid Probiotic

12 pack

BiomePRO liquid probiotic - Developed to respond to the need of hundreds of thousands of tube fed Americans, Bio-K+ BiomePRO liquid probiotics uses the same formula as BiomePRO probiotic capsules, allowing health professionals and Americans access to the probiotics they need. Tube feeding ensures that a person receives adequate nutrition (in this case probiotics) when unable to eat or drink by mouth. Our product features low viscosity and is safe, ready and easy to use at home or during a hospital stay. Viscosity needs to be adapted for dysphagic individuals. Each bottle contains 100 billion bacteria (the equivalent of two BiomePRO capsules) guaranteed until the expiration date.
Trust the science. Healthy+living starts here.

Total Lactobacillus SPP. Count: A formula with a minimum of 100 billion cfu per bottle guaranteed until expiration date (keep refrigerated) : Lacticaseibacillus casei LBC80R®, lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus CLR2® and Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285®.

Ingredients List + Nutritional Facts
Water, brown rice powder*, cane sugar*, brown rice protein concentrate*, Lactobacillus casei LBC80R®, Lactobacillus rhamnosus CLR2®, Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285®, inactivated nutritional yeast, lemon powder*, carob bean gum*, calcium citrate, pectin, steviol glyosides*, natural flavors. *Organic.
Recommended Dosage + Cautions
Recommended usage: Take 1 bottle of Bio-K+ once daily or take as recommended by your physician. If taking antibiotics, take Bio-K+ at least 2-3 hours after taking antibiotics. This product is not intended to treat any side effects of antibiotic use.

Caution: Do not use if seal is broken.

Full Potency Guaranteed Until Expiration Date

Clinically Supported

Clinically supported in published, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

20 Years of Research

We provide health professionals and their clients solutions backed by 20 years of expertise.

Proprietary Strains

Our bacteria belong to us, you will not find them in any product other than Bio-K+

Unique formula

Bio-K+'s formula is unique. The same efficacy can't be achieved with generics or other brands.

Tube feeding

Tube feeding is a real problem, and probably greater than you can imagine. It affects nearly 15.5 million Americans. 

Whether this condition is temporary or permanent, it is essential to provide this population and their health professionals with suitable and adapted probiotic solutions that truly answer their specific need.

How it works

As opposed to our probiotic capsules, in which our bacteria are protected by the delayed-release technology, our liquid probiotic, BiomePRO 100 billion, boasts unique properties that allows it to survive in extreme conditions of the gastrointestinal tract without external support:

1. ADAPTATIVE Our strains are lactic acid bacteria. By their nature, they adapt easily to low and high pH habitats like the stomach and the gut.

2. RESILIENT Unlike powder-form probiotics, which are weakened by the freeze-drying process, they remain strong and healthy.

3. PROTECTIVE Rice protein is used. This ferment slightly decreases the stomach's acidity and helps protect the bacteria.