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Supplemented with functional active ingredients, these products offer 80 billion live and active bacteria to help you go the extra mile.

More About Our Products

What Do Probiotics Do?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can provide certain health benefits. The live bacteria in probiotics can help balance the gut.

What Probiotic Strain Does Bio-K+ Use?

We use proprietary probiotic cultures that are backed by over 20 years of research. Each probiotic drink and supplement contains three different strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285®, Lactobacillus casei LBC80R® and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CLR2®.

What Does Bio-K+ Do?

Our probiotics support gut health by providing the body with good bacteria. Our Extra Vegan Drinkable Probiotics contains 80 billion live & beneficial bacteria.

How Does Bio-K+ Work?

Each probiotic strain works together to enhance the live bacteria's efficacy and ensures that the probiotic bacteria will travel all the way to the intestine. In doing so, the influx of healthy bacteria in your gut microbiome can help promote digestive health.

What Are Extra Vegan Drinkable Probiotics?

Our Extra Drinkable Probiotics contain all of the same probiotics as our original vegan probiotics line, but they also contain functional active ingredients for added benefits. Formulated with Wellmune, Cereboost, and Cyracos to promote overall wellness. Find us in a store today!

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