What’s Your Preference? 3 Ways to Take Your Bio-K+

What’s Your Preference? 3 Ways to Take Your Bio-K+

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  • By Jef L’Ecuyer, Registered Dietitian

    Bio-K+’s unique drinkable products are not only 100% probiotics, but they’re also 100% live and active.

    Our innovative manufacturing process allows us to ferment right in the bottle. This creates a sterile environment that helps our three bacteria strains to thrive, providing you with a potent, pure, product full of healthy, good, live & active bacteria: 50 billion of them per bottle to be exact.

    Bio-K+ is also available in a variety of options. From dairy to non-dairy (brown rice, or soy formulas), to unflavouredblueberrymangostrawberry and vanilla flavours, there’s pretty much something for every dietary and flavour preference.

    With so many options, you might be surprised what question we get asked – All. The. Time.

    How do I take Bio-K+?

    The answer is as varied as our flavours! The first step is to decide on the dosage of Bio-K+ you need:



    ¼ bottle daily to help with maintenance of immune and digestive health, and support prevention of future issues



    ½ bottle daily to support chronic GI issues


    1 full bottle daily for acute GI conditions (stomach flu, antibiotics, food poisoning, chronic flare-ups, etc.)

    Once you have that sorted, here are three ways (with countless options) that you can take Bio-K+.


    Straight Up

    That’s right – straight from the bottle (or a glass if you like to be a little classy). Just shake vigorously and enjoy. Nothing more to it.

    Due to the active cultures, Bio-K+ has a natural tartness to it, and a texture that is comparable to a drinkable yogurt*. It’s important to note that since every bottle undergoes its own fermentation process, the taste and texture may vary from batch to batch. No need to worry – that’s just nature at work!


    In a Smoothie

    Adding a dose of Bio-K+ is a great way to give your smoothie a probiotic boost.

    Simply add your Bio-K+ to the blender along with your other ingredients and blend away.

    In need of a little smoothie inspiration?

    Try our favourite Peanut Smoothie BowlAztec Cacao Shake, or Festive Cranberry Orange and Ginger Bio-K+ Smoothie Bowl.


    In a ‘No-Bake’ Recipe

    Want to sneak a special gut-loving ingredient into your lunch, or surprise people at your next dinner party? Bio-K+ makes a great addition to recipes both savoury and sweet.

    Don’t believe us?

    How about a Curried Orange & Ginger Carrot Hummus, a Pomegranate Vanilla Parfait or a Creamy Cheesy Bio-K+ dip?

    Just a little note about using Bio-K+ in your recipes. Bacteria don’t love heat – in fact; it kills them. Feel free to play around with Bio-K+ in a variety of recipes, just make sure they don’t involve any baking, cooking, sautéing, roasting or frying. Bacteria love to keep it cool.


    What’s your favourite way to use Bio-K+? Let us know in comments below! For more healthy inspirations, join our community. Click here to find the closest point of sale. Contact us or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Jef L’Ecuyer Registered Dietitian
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    After her nutrition training at McGill University, Jef specialized in gastrointestinal health with a special interest in the microbiota and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. With Bio-K+, she continues on this path by making the world of probiotics more accessible to all.
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