Oatmeal, chia and fresh fruit

Oatmeal, chia and fresh fruit

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  • By Jef L’Ecuyer, Registered Dietitian

    Everyone knows that whole grains are superfoods!  Whole grain products such as oats are rich in fiber and helps to keep our digestive system in good condition therefore, you have great benefits in consuming them. (For more information on fibre, see our article: Get a Bacterial Boost With High Fibre Foods)

    Here’s a healthy oatmeal recipe for breakfast:

    1 to 2 portions


    1    Bottle of Bio-K+ Vanilla or Original (for your daily portion of probiotic)

    1    Tablespoon of chia seeds

    1    Tablespoon of shredded almonds

    1    Tablespoon of maple syrup or honey (your choice)

    ½   Cup of quick-cooking oats

    ½   Cup of vanilla yogourt

    ¼   Cup of almonds milk (or your choice of milk)

    ¼   Cup of fresh fruit (blueberry, strawberry or your choice)


    STEP 1

    Prepare the quick-cooking oats and let cool;

    STEP 2

    Mix these ingredients together in a bowl (yogourt, almond milk, Bio-K+, chia seeds and syrup or honey);

    STEP 3

    Incorporate the oats and mix;

    STEP 4

    Top with your favorite fresh fruit and shredded almonds .



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    Jef L’Ecuyer Registered Dietitian
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    After her nutrition training at McGill University, Jef specialized in gastrointestinal health with a special interest in the microbiota and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. With Bio-K+, she continues on this path by making the world of probiotics more accessible to all.
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