8 travel essentials that really make a difference

8 travel essentials that really make a difference

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  • By Geneviève Plante, Author, speaker and food blogger

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    Going on a trip means discovering the unknown. For some people, it is an opportunity to put the humdrum of daily life on hold, to take a break, to recharge their batteries, or to go on an adventure. For a fulfilling tourist experience, while letting go and relaxing, it is always reassuring to have in your luggage certain essentials to count on during your trip. Here are my eight travel essentials that really make a difference on short or long trips abroad.


    When traveling, our bodies are often thrown off balance by the change in routine, and our intestines are no exception. Jet lag, the outside world, and the way we eat are examples of factors that can upset our gut health and immune system. We know that a healthy intestinal microbiota makes us less vulnerable to microbial attacks. That's why it's a good idea to take Bio-K+ Extra Care 80 Billion - Vegan Probiotic Capsules with you. This unique formula contains bacteria of human origin that can be found naturally in the intestine. It is the most potent option for more benefits. In order to develop a maximum natural defense, it may be suggested to take the probiotic supplements before departure, during the trip as well as upon return. Capsules that we can count on and that really make the difference for an enjoyable getaway and a happy digestion. We love the practical travel format that can be kept at room temperature.

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    Have you heard of toothpaste tablets? Not only are they effective, they are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, space saving and light as a feather! Now no more worries about your toothpaste leaking in your suitcase.


    Compression bags have the power to change the way you pack. With a dual zipper system, these bags compress the air and significantly reduce the volume of the bags. As well as maximizing the space in your suitcase, these storage bags, which come in different sizes, allow you to keep your clothes and luggage organized. Gone are the days of unpacking your entire suitcase to find a sweater!


    The reusable water bottle is not only eco-friendly and avoids many single-use plastic bottles, but it also saves money. Choose a light and waterproof version. We make sure to clean it at the end of the day so that it is ready to go on an adventure with us the next day. Conversely, for destinations where drinking water is not available, solutions exist, simply inquire about filtering reusable water bottle models, for example.


    Chargers, wires, cables, headphones, etc., how many times have you misplaced your electronic accessories? Simply store them in the same case. A small, convenient case with dividers makes a big difference.


    While traveling, having access to a power outlet to charge your electronic devices is not always easy, and it can be quite unsettling when your phone's battery gets to 0%. The solution: a portable charger. It serves as an external battery. Different sizes are available that can last up to several days. No more dead electronic devices on the beach! Every moment can be captured in a photo.


    You never know what the noise levels will be like at your destination. We are never safe from a snoring passenger on the plane. So, I always carry some in my bag.


    The word "essential" takes on its full meaning with this item. You would be surprised at what you can do with a simple piece of fabric. Lightweight, it transforms itself to fit any occasion. It can be a blanket to warm up on the plane. It can be a skirt, a dress, or a beach towel. On a chilly evening, this large scarf becomes a shawl. It can also cover the shoulders to allow access to certain places like places of worship. And finally, it can become the perfect wrapping for fragile souvenirs that you bring home. Not only is it essential, it's versatile!

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