Geneviève Plante

Geneviève Plante

Author, speaker and food blogger

Montreal QC Canada


University of Southern California


Recipe development

Simple and gourmet cooking

About the author

Creativity, authenticity, and intuition are the guiding principles of Geneviève’s daily cooking. This true foodie has been sharing her passion for the past few years through her culinary blog Vert Couleur Persil, whose mission is to inspire people to put more greens on their plates. She offers healthy, gourmet, colorful, simple, and sometimes daring recipes. She has written six cookbooks: Histoires de salades (2016), Houmous & Cie (2017), Vert Couleur Persil (Éditions La Presse - 2019), Les Collations(2020), Bientôt dans votre assiette (Éditions La Presse 2021) and L'heure de la soupe (Éditions La Presse 2022).

This woman of boundless culinary creativity is also a speaker and recipe creator for several platforms and companies.

Photo Credit: Amélie Fortin

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