What a Professional Food Blogger Eats in a Day

What a Professional Food Blogger Eats in a Day

Laura Wright

I’m a professional food blogger and cookbook author, so I’m always working on a recipe or planning to photograph one for my site or Instagram. When I started this career journey, I was making—and eating—food all day, every day. I became a professional grazer because I couldn’t justify the time spent for a sit down meal.

I wasn’t slowing down to eat and actually savour any of my meals. Even though I was constantly putting stuff in my mouth, I noticed that I was always hungry, slightly tired, and my ability to focus was totally shot. I knew that I had to take steps to slow down and enjoy my meals. A big part of this effort was stocking certain staples, and preparing food that wasn’t going to appear on my site or social accounts.

This kind of food is real nourishment because it’s for me and me alone. Now that I take the time to feed myself properly and pause, my work day is more productive and I’m just happier in general. My diet is plant-based because that’s what feels best for me. My meals are always built on fresh produce (seasonal is preferable), whole grains, pulses, nuts, and seeds. Before coffee, tea, or any kind of food, I also take a Bio-K capsule for my daily dose of probiotics and gut happiness. I love the ease of the little capsules and how seemlessly they flow into my daily routine.

 Here’s how a typical day of meals goes for me.

Breakfast: In the summertime, I usually do smoothies, soaked oats, or chia pudding for breakfast. Chia pudding made with homemade cashew milk, dates, and raw cacao powder, is simply the best ever. It has a deeply luscious texture that pairs perfectly with summer berries. I also whip up a few frozen bananas and raspberries in my blender for a dollop of “soft serve” in the middle. On the side is some jasmine green tea that I steep a couple times throughout the morning. This breakfast is so satiating and it feels so decadent. It keeps me full and happy until lunch.


Lunch: My midday meal is usually a bunch of things piled up on a thick slice of whole grain sourdough toast. Here, the toast is slathered with a spicy hummus-like spread and then topped with some garlic dill sauerkraut, hemp seeds, and some lightly dressed arugula from my garden. On the side are some fresh radishes (also from my garden), olives, and local peas. I typically pick at this plate outside on my porch with a glass of sparkling water.


Dinner: Burrito-style bowl suppers are one of our favourite weeknight meals. The core is brown rice, black beans, and shredded romaine lettuce. From here, we dress it up with whatever other vegetables we feel like (roasted sweet potatoes here), salsa, and homemade guacamole. I usually make batches of brown rice and beans on Sundays, so fixing up this meal is extra easy. Most importantly, I always make enough guacamole for chip-dipping on the side. If you need some inspiration, I have a great burrito bowl recipe on my site.

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