Twist and shout. The best twists to squeeze out your toxins.

Twist and shout. The best twists to squeeze out your toxins.

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  • By Tatiana Boncompagni, Co-founder & CEO Eat Sunny

    Taking on a yoga practice has so many more benefits than what people traditionally think. Aside for a calmer state of mind and relaxed state of being, a yoga practice can have some pretty powerful detoxification effects on our bodies. There are a few ways to target and access the detoxification effects of the practice.

    1) Spinal Twists

    One of the best types of poses for internal organ detoxification is spinal twists. We are recreating the “squeeze and soak” effect within the body - through mildly compressing and holding the posture for some time, then releasing from it, fresh circulation flows through the tissues stimulating movement and detoxification.

    2) Abdominal Compression

    Another technique for increased circulation and assisted elimination in the digestive tract is compressing the abdominals. Start with lying down and placing a small blanket or towel rolled up under the soft part of the belly. Make sure the rest of the body is comfortable so you can rest the full body weight on to the roll. Just relax for 2-5 minutes and then remove the blanket and lay on your back to rest. You should feel a large amount warmth and circulation flowing through abdominal region.

    3) Sweat it out!

    Simply increasing circulation though vigorous movement, whether it’s sun salutations or lots of standing flowing movement, or inversions will detoxify the body through its largest organ, the skin! Aside for increased fresh circulation all over, and in the heart, it assists in eliminating unwanted toxins through the pores.

    4) Relaxation

    One of the most important components for detoxification in a yoga practice and in any health plan is the rest and restore component. In yoga, something as simple as taking a 5 minute savasana (or corpse pose,) with no phones, no distractions, just simple relaxation through conscious breath awareness will decrease stress levels on the body and allow for optimal hormonal regulation. Simple diaphragmatic breathing, or breathing deeply into and out of the belly, can help stimulate our ability to tap into deep relaxation. Another one of my favorite techniques for this is practicing restorative yoga; Viparita karani, or “legs up the wall” is one of the most simple things you can do, right before bed, that will help ease you into relaxation. 

    All of these practices can aid and assist in reinvigorating the body and digestive system, working from the outside in. Physical movement of the body is just one way to help create a healthy balance; introducing probiotics to your daily diet is a way to reinvigorate the body from the inside out. We flush the digestive system with healthy flora, which slowly but surely helps overpower and rid the body of the bad bacteria, leading to an overall feeling of health and vitality, starting from targeting the internal digestive tract. Both the physical practice of yoga along with adding in healthy probiotics is a winning combination to feel refreshed in the new spring season!

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    Tatiana Boncompagni Co-founder & CEO Eat Sunny
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