The Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire

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  • By Tatiana Boncompagni, Co-founder & CEO Eat Sunny

    20 reasons to practice the breath of fire daily.

    Today, I’m talking about one of the most effective breathing techniques to harmonize your digestion: the breath of fire. Personally, I used this technique for several years in my practice of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and the benefits are absolutely miraculous!

    The breath of fire is one of the fundamental breathing techniques used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga as well as in several other styles of Yoga. It is done by pumping from the centre of the navel while breathing rapidly through your nose. It is always practiced by the nostrils with the mouth closed.

    The breath of fire is made by the nose with equal emphasis on the inhale and exhale. The body remains relatively immobile and relaxed, only the center of the navel is working vigorously.

    When we practice the breath of fire, it is essential to pump the naval point towards the spine on the exhale. Some people have the habit of pulling the center of the navel during the inhale. This is called: reverse breathing. To check your breathing and make sure it is not reversed, lie down on your back and place your hand just below your navel. When you exhale, make sure your belly moves inwards (towards the ground) and when you inhale, your stomach moves outward (towards the top). When you become comfortable with the technique in this position, you can return to the sitting posture and again use your hand on your abdomen to make sure the pumping motion is done properly.

    Note that when you’re starting with this technique, it is easier to focus on the exhaling and begin on a slow pace. Finally, you progress to a faster breathing, with a consistent and equal inhaling as well as exhaling. If you cannot achieve a faster breathing, you can still apply it to a slower one by always keeping an equal emphasis on the duration of inhaling and exhaling.

    Here is the list of the 20 benefits of the breath of fire:

    1. If you practice the breath of fire 5 to 15 minutes every day, it is the best way to keep the blood purified. (Start with 3 minutes and work calmly until 5, then 10-15 minutes)
    2. 31 minutes of breath of fire every day will regulate the pituitary gland. The pituitary will then regulate the entire glandular system, which in turn will change the nervous system.
    3. It is said that the breath of fire burns away disease and karma.
    4. Builds lung capacity and increases vital strength as well.
    5. Stimulates the solar plexus to release natural energy throughout the body.
    6. Raises the voltage of the nervous system.
    7. Stimulates a global alpha rhythm in the brain when practised correctly.
    8. Increases the physical endurance when needed as in a survival situation and regains control in a stressful situation.
    9. Strengthens shaky nerves.
    10. Stimulates the navel centre to generate consistency both on the mental and physical levels. For example, the breath of fire can help us regain control of our décisions and correct the inability to concentrate due to distraction factors, etc.
    11.  Has the property to quickly oxygenate your blood, helping the body to detoxify and eliminate waste more efficiently.
    12. Strengthens the capacity of the lungs and helps purify the respiratory system.
    13. Expands lung capacity in case someone wants to suspend breathing during swimming underwater.
    14. Generates heat and increases your energy level by activating the flow of energy in your body.
    15. Releases toxins and deposits from the lungs, mucous linings, blood vessels and cells.
    16. Charges your aura and circumvent force to give you greater protection against negative forces.
    17. Synchronizes your entire system, thus promoting greater internal harmony and health.
    18. Can help overcome addictions and cleanse you of the bad effects of smoking, drug taking, sugar, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
    19. Balances and strengthens the nervous system.
    20. When done powerfully. the pulsating of the diaphragm massages the internal organs, thus improving the digestive system.

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    Tatiana Boncompagni Co-founder & CEO Eat Sunny
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