Probiotic Frozen Berry Yogurt

Probiotic Frozen Berry Yogurt

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  • By Andréanne Martin, Bachelor's degree in nutrition

    Thankfully spring is here: dinner in daylight, kids outdoors, and asparagus recipes. What I do not love right now are headaches and allergies that come with the season change. If you are like me spring might mean allergies: watery eyes, constant sneezing, runny nose etc.

    I like to consider myself a young gun and lately I have been getting migraines with all the rain in the forecast. When over the counter medications do not help, I consider my headache a migraine. Plus, taking pharmaceutical painkillers for a month or two can’t be healthy.

    I strongly believe that food is medicine. If you suffer like me, you might want to consider implementing probiotics in your diet especially this time of the year, when your body is the most vulnerable during seasonal changes. There are a few studies suggesting that if good bacteria are low in your body that could trigger an extra production of substances that causes migraines (Source).

    Whether you are allergic to pollen, dust or food, probiotics might be the solution to reduce those allergies. Many of us suffer from unbalanced internal microflora due to stress, typical Western diet high in processed foods, environmental toxins, and stress. Consuming certain probiotics on a regular basis may balance out the amount of good bacteria in your gut, thus possibly reducing severity to allergens. That is when tasty and delicious Bio-K+ products come in handy.

    Spring also means warmth and summer just around the corner. This year, ditch all store bought, highly processed food that contain harmful chemical ingredients. They do not belong in your family’s belly, but rather a chemical lab.

    Make your own delicious and healthy frozen yogurt full of probiotics and good bacteria in 5 minutes. It is prepared with frozen fruit and Bio-K+. You need only 4 ingredients to keep your gut (and sweet tooth) happy. Try this probiotic frozen yogurt and you will see how easy and delicious it is!

    Be healthy!

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    Probiotic Frozen Berry Yogurt

    By Olena Osipov

    This is a healthy treat you can prepare in a blender or food processor in 5 minutes using 4 ingredients. No freezing or ice cream machine required.

    Preparation time: 2 minutes

    Serves: 2 servings, 1.5 cups each


    2 bottles of Bio-K+ Strawberry

    ¼ cup plain full-fat Greek yogurt

    1 frozen ripe banana cut into chunks

    1 cup frozen berries of choice


    In a blender or food processor add ingredients in the following order: Bio-K+, yogurt, banana and berries.

    Process for 30 seconds or until combined and creamy. Pause and stir a few times, if necessary. Do not over process otherwise you will end up with a smoothie.

    Serve immediately.


    All fruit must be frozen.

    Place banana in a freezer the night before. To peel run under hot water for a few seconds.

    Choose berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries or frozen berry mix.

    Do not freeze the Bio-K+ drinkable product as the amount of good bacteria diminishes greatly.

    This works great as an ice cream replacement. Makes delicious base for a smoothie bowl if left to thaw on a counter for a few minutes. Then just pour it over oatmeal.


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    Andréanne Martin Bachelor's degree in nutrition
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