Importance of a wellness routine as we return from vacation

Importance of a wellness routine as we return from vacation

By: Annie Langlois

In my opinion, a return from vacation should also mean a return to healthy living. Whether you’re heading back to work or your kids are kicking off another school year, we all want all the energy we can get. During the summer, we often allow ourselves to stray from our usual level of self-discipline. We sometimes become more flexible when it comes to our eating, kids’ bedtime and regular exercise. It’s a well-deserved break that helps us maintain our balance, but where do we find the motivation to get back to healthy habits when our vacation ends? By creating a wellness routine to maximize our vital force.

For many years, the first thing I did when I woke up was open my laptop and answer my email. Big mistake. Think about it: what is even more crucial than your email? Your health, of course. Back when I had this nasty habit of starting my days in front of my computer screen, I couldn’t understand why I was feeling tired, stressed out and sometimes irritable from the moment I got up. So I started making changes to my morning routine and adding various elements that have a positive impact on the rest of my day.

Here are the secrets to what has now been my morning ritual for many years. These steps help me start off each day on the right foot.

  1. Wake up to calm, soothing music rather than the shrill sound of an alarm clock. I use an alarm clock that connects to my iPod, and so I awaken to my favourite mantras. If possible, get up at least 30 minutes before your children so you can have a little time to yourself.
  2. When you open your eyes, take a moment to visualize your day in a positive light. Imagine all the nice things that await you: happiness, compelling exchanges, smiles, good news and the like. In other words, open yourself up to positivity.
  3. As soon as you rise, wash your face with cool water, paying special attention to your eyes. In Ayurveda, it is a typical morning ritual that awakens you gently.
  4. After, head to a cozy, peaceful area where you can lay out your yoga mat. Gently rouse your body with a short series of exercises that target your spine
  5. Meditate briefly before starting your day. If you wish, you can simply focus on taking long, deep breaths for 3 minutes. I suggest abdominal breathing, which consists in filling your stomach like a balloon when you inhale and pulling your navel in toward your spine as you exhale.Cap your ritual by making your requests to the universe and giving thanks for all the blessings life has to offer.
  6. Drink a tall glass of warm water before breakfast—it will purify your subtle channels (or meridians, in Chinese medicine), cleanse your digestive tract and help expel toxins through your stool or urine.

And there you have it: you’re ready to start your day. This little routine will have countless benefits on your body, mood, concentration, energy level, productivity, stress management and much, much more.

Welcome back, and be well!

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