Do-It-Yourself Probiotic Mask

Do-It-Yourself Probiotic Mask

Joy McCarthy

You’re likely aware that we have billions of bacteria living in our body that keep our immune system healthy, help us digest food, manufacture nutrients, and keep inflammation in check. What you might not know is that we also have microbes on our body too – on our face, arms, torso, legs, basically everywhere. Sorry if you’re now feeling a little itchy! These bacteria are collectively called our skin microbiome and just like we have good and bad bacteria in our gut microbiome, we also have good and bad bacteria on the outside of our body.

Cultivating a healthy skin microbiome may have been something completely off your radar, but it’s just as important as our internal microbiome. We need plenty of microbes on our skin to have healthy, vibrant skin. These microbes influence our skin’s immune response, our vulnerability to allergies, and may even protect us from certain skin problems, such as acne and eczema.

This is why it just makes good sense to not only take probiotics internally, but also consider making a face mask brimming with good bacteria to apply topically! But before I get to sharing my probiotic face mask recipe with you, I want to give a few more tips for a healthy skin biome.


  1. Avoid antibacterial soap. Triclosan is the active ingredient in many of these antibacterial soaps. It has received a lot of negative press and for a good reason. It can induce antibiotic resistance and if you’re pregnant, it can cross the placenta to an unborn baby. The Food and Drug Administration, in USA, has recently ruled that Triclosan can no longer be used in personal care products like soaps and hand washes, but manufacturers have a year to phase it out, so you’ll still want to check your labels to make sure there are no unwanted chemicals.
  2. Only use soap on what’s really dirty. This may sound funny, but it’s true! If you shower every day, you really don’t need to use soap on your whole body because you’ll also wash all the good bacteria off that beautiful biome. Help the good guys flourish by only using water and mild soap only when absolutely necessary.
  3. Spend time in nature. Go to a park, sit on the grass, and even roll around if you like! The outdoors is a wonderful place to nourish your skin microbiome because nature is the most probiotic dense place on planet earth. In fact, the amount of soil that could sit on a pinhead contains a bacteria count in the millions.


DIY Probiotic Mask

This recipe is great for dry or oily skin. It is extremely hydrating and nourishing. The honey acts as a humectant, which means it helps to retain moisture in the skin. Extra-virgin olive oil is anti-inflammatory and moisturizing for the skin. Bio-K+ is an amazingly concentrated formula of good, active bacteria that will help nourish your skin’s flora and promote a healthy skin microbiome.


2 tbsp Bio-K+ Original

1 tbsp unpasteurized honey

1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil


Combine ingredients together in a bowl. Apply to a clean face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with a washcloth and warm water.


When I put this mask on my skin, it feels cooling, nourishing and very refreshing. I’ve always been more prone to redness and dryness, and it made my skin look and feel absolutely wonderful. Whether you have acne-prone skin or a perfect complexion, I hope you try it out like I did!

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