Probiotic butternut squash & turmeric dip recipe

Probiotic butternut squash & turmeric dip recipe

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  • By Marie-Christine Robitaille, Products Expert for Bio-K+

    Presentation of the recipe:

    This dip is full of nutrients and good things for your health! In addition to containing fiber and vitamin A from the butternut squash, it contains antioxidants from turmeric and maple syrup. It also contains billions of beneficial bacteria from our Bio-K+ drinkable probiotic that are good for your gut health.

    Did you know that a balanced gut microbiome may help support immune health? Moreover, vitamin A is a plus for immunity.

    This dip is ideal for your lunches, snacks, and even entertaining! Serve it on Halloween to set the mood with its pretty orange color, smoothness and slight spicy taste.

    Ingredients :

    1 cup of cooked and cooled butternut squash (puree)

    1 bottle (98g) of Bio-K+ Original drinkable probiotic (unsweetened)

    1 teaspoon of maple syrup (or honey)

    ½ to 1 teaspoon of turmeric (adjust to your preference)

    ¼ teaspoon of sriracha (or chilli paste)

    Salt and pepper (adjust to your preference)

    Optional: A few roasted pumpkin seeds (or you can even use the seeds of your butternut squash)

    Preparation :

    Cook the cubed butternut squash in broth or in the oven, until tender enough to mash with a fork. Discard the skin of the squash here.

    Once the squash is cooked, mash it smoothly with a fork or a food processor. Chill in the fridge for a few minutes to an hour.

    Once the squash has cooled, mix 1 cup of it to a full bottle of Bio-K+ Original drinkable probiotic (unsweetened).

    Add, the maple syrup, turmeric, sriracha, salt and pepper to the mixture.

    Mix everything together to create a smooth puree.

    Transfer it to the bowl of your choice and garnish with toasted pumpkin seeds.

    Serve cold as a dip for raw vegetables, chips, crackers or even to accompany cheese. Enjoy

    *Probiotics are heat sensitive - Once you add Bio-K+ drinkable probiotics to the recipe, you should not heat this dip.

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    Marie-Christine Robitaille Products Expert for Bio-K+
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