Marie-Christine Robitaille

Marie-Christine Robitaille

Products Expert for Bio-K+

Quebec, Canada


University of Ottawa


Nutritional Sciences


Health Probiotic

About the author

After pursuing her degree in Nutrition Sciences at the University of Ottawa, Marie-Christine began her career in private practice where she met people with different reasons for consultation such as the adoption of healthy lifestyles, cardiovascular diseases or even gastrointestinal diseases. She then continued her career at Bio-K+ where she developed a great interest for the gut microbiota and the world of probiotics! Marie-Christine loves to promote science, lead conferences or nutritional workshops and talk with people to make probiotics more accessible to everyone.

Since her arrival at Bio-K+, Marie-Christine has been involved in training internal employees, partners, healthcare and natural health professionals. Marie-Christine has built up, over the years, a wealth of knowledge not only in terms of probiotics, but also regarding the interactions between the intestinal microbiota and the different systems of the human body. She is passionate about her work!

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