5 wellness tips for your self-care in 2022

5 wellness tips for your self-care in 2022

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  • By Desiree Nielsen, Registered Dietitian

    Resolutions fizzle and fade. True wellness comes from focusing on positive, mindful changes. Make 2022 your year of self-care! Wondering where to start? Consider these five powerful tools for finding your inner strength.

    1.Find stillness in the everyday

    Your gut is powerfully connected to your brain and after the nonstop holiday season, you may need to change the conversation. Find a time each day that you can take just ten minutes for quiet and solitude. Read, meditate, stretch or just sit in silence and let your mind wander. Schedule it in your smart phone so you won’t forget.

    2.Connect to your core

    Back in my yoga teacher days, I constantly reminded myself…and others…to connect to our core by drawing the belly button towards your spine. Try it. See how it creates strength and balance. Whenever you remember, strengthen your core with this simple move.

    3.Restore balance

    The trillions of bacteria in your gut live in a delicate balance that can be thrown off by stress, rich food, alcohol…pretty much the holidays in a nutshell. Taking a probiotic like Bio-K+ can help to restore balance so your resident bacteria can live in harmony once again.

    4.Make food your medicine

    Adding strongly healing foods to your daily life – such as turmeric, ginger, fennel and even pumpkin seeds – can help to provide anti-inflammatory nutrition that makes your gut happier and healthier. Try starting your day with a turmeric-infused golden latte…or snacking on lightly toasted pumpkin seeds instead of your usual crackers.

    5.Make vegetables the foundation of your eating plan

    No matter how you prefer to eat, focusing on eating more vegetables will help deliver anti-inflammatory nutrition while keeping you full, satisfied and energetic. Whenever possible, make half your plate vegetables at meal time. The other half of the plate? Dealer’s choice!

    This year, say no to resolutions that are motivated by weight, appearance or a need to self-correct. Find real wellness by choosing goals that truly nourish your body and taking time to make self-care a reality.

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    Desiree Nielsen Registered Dietitian
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