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4 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

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  • Alex Kinejara

    As you walk down the path toward a healthier lifestyle, you may occasionally need a little extra motivation to seize the day. After all, improving your health often requires changing your habits, which takes some serious willpower and tenacity.

    From regular physical activity to a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle choices aren’t always easy, but one thing’s for sure— they’re definitely worth it.

    From heart health to soul and mind wellness, healthy life choices provide many benefits. We’ve listed the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to help remind you why you started your wellness journey in the first place and provide you with a few tips to boost your morale along the way.


    #1 More Energy

    Low energy is a common complaint in the modern era, and it can stem from several causes, including a vitamin-deficient diet and environmental stressors. Luckily, experiencing better rest (and gaining more energy because of it) isn’t a pipe dream—it’s a reality you can achieve through actionable steps.

    Whether it’s taking a nighttime walk before bed or maintaining better sleep and screen hygiene, just one small change can open the door to a whole new world of health benefits.

    While regular sleep is ideal, even a short meditation session can provide much-needed rest to a tired mind and body. If you’re suffering from symptoms of insomnia, or if you just need an extra boost in the middle of a busy workday, try taking five minutes to close your eyes and focusing on your breath to:

    • Gain higher self-awareness
    • Manage your stress levels
    • Lower your resting blood pressure and heart rate
    • Improve your sleep

    #2 Better Cognition

    Beat brain fog and stay sharp even throughout old age by fostering a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a nutritious diet and wellness-boosting activities like exercise and meditation. Researchers at UCLA have observed a concrete link between health-conscious living and higher brain function.1 Improving brain function and mental wellbeing can be a simple lifestyle change resulting in cognitive health benefit.

    Here are a few daily techniques that can boost cognition and help you think fast:

    • Logic puzzles and brain training games like nonograms, crossword puzzles, and sudokus help build and strengthen essential neural pathways.
    • Regular exercise is a must to keep your body (and your brain, which is, after all, a part of your body) functioning well. Beneficial exercise looks different for every unique body, so try not to judge your own needs and abilities against those of others.
    • Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have observed a clear relationship between mindfulness meditation and improved mental and physical health. With reduced inflammation and increased “functional connectivity” in the brain, daily meditation is a must.2
    • Supplements and probiotics (like vitamin b12, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and Bio-K+® Drinkable Vegan Probiotic with Cereboost) may be able to support brain function by way of the “gut-brain connection.”3

    #3 A Body That Lasts Longer

    Regular physical activity and exercise are significant choices for healthy living. A healthy body is a resilient body.

    Healthy lifestyle habits regulate your body’s natural systems, from dopamine production to calcium retention. Whether you’re a super active individual looking to build your capabilities or just interested in hanging on to your general mobility and independence in the long term, focusing on your health is a universally beneficial practice.

    When you’re putting together your wellness plan, make sure to consult with your health team. Each person’s physiology is unique, and a solution that works for your best friend might not work for you. Consulting with a qualified professional is the best way to develop a system of self-care that suits your individual needs.

    #4 More Overall Enjoyment

    Imagine yourself at your most content. Seriously, take a minute to really think about it. What does “enjoyment” mean to you?

    • It may mean sitting on a moonlit dock at the lake with your feet in the water or strolling on a sunny, tropical beach hand-in-hand with a loved one.
    • It may mean toasting with friends, creating new work with colleagues, or embracing family.
    • It may mean cozying up with a great book, or simply sitting in solitude, appreciating the quiet.

    Whatever your happy place looks like, we’re certain of one thing—taking intentional steps toward the little pleasures in life can benefit your mind, body, and soul. Enjoyment can still come with healthy choices for overall body and mental wellbeing.

    While every one of us is handed unexpected struggles in life, we are also gifted with the power to change our own circumstances. By taking small, intentional steps every day, you can create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, and get more enjoyment out of each moment (tropical beach or not).

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    Every healthy habit gets you closer to enjoying the benefits of healthy living. Whether you’re already a wellness guru or just getting started on your journey toward better health, pursuing of a healthy lifestyle can bring you a wealth of benefits, whether you're eating healthy or getting regular exercise.

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    Discover a whole new world of well-being and all the gains that come along with it—a sharper brain, a stronger body, more energy, and a higher level of enjoyment in even the smallest things.

    Every sunrise, every smile, every walk by the water— get the most out of all of it with Bio-K+®.


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