Yoga: A Winter Comfort

Yoga: A Winter Comfort

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  • By Tatiana Boncompagni, Co-founder & CEO Eat Sunny

    The best way to stay warm this winter!

    When it’s cold outside, it can be tough to put on our yoga gear and face the temperature to head out to the studio. But it can do a world of good! Even though yoga comes from the hot climate of India, it provides benefits that help us cope with our harsh winters. But how do you choose the right style of yoga from the many available out there?

    If like me you have “cold feet”, and your hands and feet are always chilly, you should try “active” yoga styles, which will warm you up. Here are a few kinds of yoga that can help you beat those winter blues:


    • Ashtanga


    This traditional yoga form involves several series of postures practiced in the same order, with an emphasis on meditation in movement. This dynamic method calls for synchronizing the breath with a series of progressive and adapted postures. To watch video clips, click here:


    • Vinyasa


    Vinyasa offers sessions of posture combinations for strength and flexibility, to control the body. This practice’s goals are harmony of breath and movement, body alignment and awareness of the present moment.


    • Power Yoga


    Power Yoga, a combination of Ashtanga and Vinyasa, is an energetic and modern form of yoga. A session is based around a dynamic sequence of postures for a rigorous workout. This yoga style helps develop muscular strength, flexibility and breath control.


    • Hatha Flow


    This yoga type offers creative and energetic sequences guided by breath. Its practice lets you boost your stationary postures, fluidly moving from one to the next and helping your body relax. The rhythm of Hatha Flow is more sustained than in the other styles, and pauses between postures are less frequent. This kind of practice promotes the awareness of principles linked to the energy in and around the body.


    You should also know that several yoga styles, like Bikram and Moksha, are practiced in a heated studio. The temperature varies between 32 and 42 degrees Celsius (or about 90 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit). The numerous benefits of hot yoga include an improvement in flexibility, and weight loss or control.

    Because there’s less light in winter, sun salutes are a must! This yoga classic will give you a good dose of internal warmth.


    Sun Salutations

    Made up of 12 graceful and flexible postures, sun salutations are at the very center of a yoga practice. The series of postures is performed in sync with your breath. Each part of the body is mobilized, stimulated and relaxed.

    To wind up, we’ll also highlight the importance of practicing the various breath control techniques (pranayama). They’ll help you create warmth and increase your immune function throughout the winter. These breathing techniques especially help calm the nervous system, promoting inner peace. To watch video clips, click here:

    You’re now well-equipped to face the wintry cold with confidence!


    • Source: Guide Yoga,

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